Review Policies

If you are a publisher or published/self-published author that would like me to do a review for your book, you can contact me at I will accept most books as long as they do not possess too much adult content.

My favorite genres are:


I will, however, give every book a chance.

Please note that I do prefer receiving physical copies, however, I will accept books/ARCs in e-book format.

Reviews will always be posted here at True YA Book Blogger. If you are interested in sending me a sequel then I might require the previous book(s) if I am unfamiliar with the series. Please also be aware that I review all books with my honest opinion―meaning your book is not guaranteed to be given a five-star review. Here is my rating system:

1 Star: Not interested
2 Stars: Eh… Okay, but not my style
3 Stars: Okay.
4 Stars: I like it and has a lot of stuff I am interested in
5 Stars: AMAZING! AWESOME! I really like it!