‘The Cave With No Walls’ by Eric Solis

Jackson woke in an abandoned cave, only a single ray of light showing him where he is. As the days pass, Jackson seems to realize there were strange forces at work in the small area he was stuck in. His loved ones were out there and he needed to escape if he ever wanted to see them again.

I loved this short story. It was extremely detailed and I really got a feel of where Jackson was. This book pulled me in and wouldn’t let go. I continued to wonder what was happening.

It goes a lot deeper than Jackson wanting to escape the cave. It’s like he is stuck in his mind, trying to find a way out.

So, it was an amazing book, extremely detailed and intriguing. I would definitely recommend it!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



‘No One Sleeps’ by Jack Erickson

The elite anti-terrorist group of Milan received a tip that a secret group of Muslim terrorists had in their possession toxic chemicals from Pakistan, chemicals used to make deadly sarin gas. The group’s leader had access to many high profile targets, which in the event of a terrorist attack, would cause hundreds of casualties.

This book was heavily researched and is based on one of today’s widely known issues.  It was a novel that starts slow, but quickly gains speed as you read it. The detail and understanding of the issue were amazing and thoroughly researched.

I typically tend to lend away from books including terrorism, but this book just seemed so interesting and it didn’t disappoint me. I would recommend this book for mature audiences.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


‘Lean In To Relationships’ by Rishabh Jhol

Many relationships have been turned around because of doubt. Madeeha has been working in Jordan to rehabilitate refugees from Syria. Zehen is a political analyst raised in India. He meets Madeeha while working in the US on a social program. Madeeha spikes his interest, interest turns into a liking, which evolves into love. But with the politics going on in the world, his mind becomes filled, filled so much he begins to see close friends as possible enemies.

Readers are taken on a fascinating journey all across the country as Zehen travels and meets new people, learning valuable lessons and gaining experience along the way.

This book was interesting to read. It gave me a different perspective. I, myself, have never been in such a situation, being thirteen I have never had the opportunity. Thankfully. I don’t want to imagine myself not being able to trust anyone for a fear they may be working against me.

The book was good and the writing was detailed. There were some interesting quotes, which I enjoyed very much. Of course, like any book, there were some slow points. The beginning was kind of slow for me, but near the middle, it got more and more exciting. I liked how Zehen traveled a lot. It gave me the opportunity to get an idea of places I want to see.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Beauty’s Curse: Once Upon A Princess by C.S. Johnson

Princess Aurora of Rhone never wanted to live her life like this. Fear clouding her mind as each day passes, getting closer and closer to the cursed day. Her eighteenth birthday approaches quickly, with limited time, Aurora and her friends, Theo, a priest with a thirst for revenge, Mary, one of the few fairies still loyal to the kingdom, and Ethan and Sophia, siblings who have faced trouble before, are returning home after searching the world for a cure to the curse. The curse, placed by the evil fairy, Magdalina, sealed Aurora’s fate. She would die on her eighteenth birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Can they find a cure in time, or will Aurora end up pricking her finger?

A retelling of the famous Sleeping Beauty fairytale. Even though this story has already been told, C.S. makes it her own by making the journey relatable, well as relatable as it gets in a fantasy world. I loved this book! It is slow to start in the beginning, but gains speed as you dive deeper into the world she has created!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

‘New Moon’, ‘Eclipse’, and ‘Breaking Dawn’ by Stephanie Meyer

I am going to be completely honest with you guys. When I first read Twilight, I was so excited to read the next books, but I didn’t enjoy them as much. Long story short, I probably only read about 200 pages from these books combined.

Now, just because I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you won’t, so if you want to, you should check out other reviews on these books.

I can’t really give an accurate description of these books because I didn’t read them so you may need to check out other reviews for more details.

New Moon: Edward leaves Bella after Jasper tries to attack her. In his defense, Bella did cut herself. Bella and Jacob bond more, and let’s just say cliff jumping isn’t something Bella should ever do again.

Eclipse; All I know about this one is there is a Newborn army coming to Seattle.

Breaking Dawn; Bella and Edward go to the next step in their relationship and something interesting comes with the aftermath that will cause some problems in the future.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Sorry Twilight fans!

Love Rylie ❤

‘Geek Girl’ by Holly Smale

Harriet Manners was an ordinary girl. Most classified her as a geek if the big red lettering on her book bag is anything to go by. After being dragged to the school’s field trip to a fashion thing by her best friend, Nat, destroying a few booths, and getting recognized, that all changed. Sure she is still known as a geek to her school, but to the rest of the world, she is an international super model.

Okay, so I loved this book. I mainly started reading it because I am a geek and have actually looked the word up in the dictionary, but it turned into so much more than just liking it because I relate. After finishing this, I actually wanted to model, something I barely considered before starting this.

I loved the book, I didn’t want to stop reading. The writing was detailed and written in a way that I enjoyed. I’d give it a five out of five stars because I loved this book! I am so excited to read the second one ‘Model Misfit’. I will probably review that one once I finish it.

Goodbye for now friends!

Love Rylie ❤

‘The School for Good and Evil’ by Soman Chainani

Every four years a magical man known only as the School Master takes two children from the small town of Gavaldon to a school made to create fairy tales. One child is always tagged as good and the other evil. Every four years a single storybook is delivered to the local bookshop with no letter. Nothing. The days after, the store is closed, for the owner to make copies of the book he received. Every once in awhile, when the children read the story books, they’d find a child who was taken four years prior. Sophie had always known she would be whisked away that night, anyone who had the pleasure of meeting her thought she would. Agatha, on the other hand, was Sophie’s best friend, if you can call her that, and the daughter of a ‘witch’. Evil for sure, right?


When both Agatha and Sophie are whisked away, the two best friends are put to the ultimate test. How far can friendship and kindness take you when you are evil in the center of your being? Always have and always will be. Being in a fairy tale is not as fun or easy as imagined. The two friends soon realize the only way to escape a fairy tale, is to live through it till the very end. Such an end isn’t as close as they believe though.


The book teaches such an important lesson that what lies within is what you truly are. The plot never really falls, you are taken on a constant journey of wondering what will happen next. Every character has a backstory connected to each other. The author did meet their goals. The message is clear, each person is different and has a purpose in the fairy tale. Whether it be the villain or the hero, or maybe just a tree that was once a failed student. Who knows?


This book reminds me of the Harry Potter series, and not just because they both are fantasy. People separated into different groups based on what is inside of them. Coming from the world that is basically oblivious to what is going on around them, being whisked into a story they don’t want to complete. The fairy tale isn’t as far off from a prophecy as one might think. Quite the opposite. Neither is set in stone, and both could end happily or in disaster. In other words, the Good could win, or the Evil. You will never know unless you live through it.


I would definitely recommend this book to fantasy lovers. The age group would have to be teenagers in my opinion. Even though this book is fantasy, for sure, romance is mixed in. I, personally, loved this book. I am a sucker for fantasy, and this one pulled me in and didn’t let me go. Like a young girl clutching a book to her chest like her whole life depended on those pages filled with writing. I highly recommend this book to people who are interested!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Girl Scouts

I don’t know if anyone knew I was a girl scout, well, if you did that is a little creepy. Anyways, it was Badge Day today and I helped with the Yoga badge. It was called ‘Getting Fit’, but we did yoga.

I love yoga. My favorite pose is the pigeon. They also had homemade science and dance.

Okay! Bye!

“The Fault In Our Stars” By John Green

I loved this book. It was amazing. (Wow, why do I always review books I love…) 5 out of 5 stars.

A young girl named Hazel has been diagnosed with cancer. Fluid will fill her lungs and make it hard to breathe. She walks around with an oxygen tank. While at a group for people with cancer, she meets a man named Agustus Waters. He steals her heart. He lost a leg to cancer. They became the best of friends… And maybe more.

This book stole my heart and ran with it. I adored it. It is from Hazel’s perspective and is like she is really thinking. Not like regular books.

I just couldn’t believe the story. It touched me. Like, no matter who you are, something bad could happen to you.

The story followed a basic plot, but with a twist. Every corner you turn, something bad happens. It makes it interesting.

It is based on a true story and provides an interesting perspective.

In conclusion, you should definitely buy this book. Most libraries should have it or bookstores. I loved it and I hope you do as well.

Have fun reading!


Weird Moments…

Okay… So you know when you are with your friends, and you think OMG… If someone heard us we’d be put into a mental hospital…

Okay… So I didn’t get that from my wonderful mind, I found it on the internet. I admit it.

Do you ever wonder if you are just tiny dolls in a dollhouse, being controlled by a real human? No? Am I the only one? Maybe I am… Huh.

Well, I guess everyone else doesn’t have weird thoughts at 4 AM. Weird.