“Some Boys” By Patty Blount

This book is about a girl who ‘claimed’ she was raped by the town golden boy, Zac. She has been called any different names such as slut and whore and liar. She wears her armor every day. Then  Ian comes into the picture and he won’t be the first to call her names, but he doesn’t. The only problem is he is Zac’s best friend.

This book is amazing! I couldn’t put it down since I picked it up. I have read it at least three times. It gets 5 out of 5 stars. Go get it! I read it and loved it and could NOT put it down!!!  My copy is signed too, but for my mom…

Anyways… In conclusion! 5 stars. Amazing! Go get it!

I absolutely loved it! The plot the story follows engages you and makes you want to read more. Descriptions allowed you to visualize the scene and characters. Also, the progressing of relationships, don’t get me started. You constantly wanted more. For them to get together, or for them to break up.

Enjoy your reading and have fun!!!





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